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Auto Accident Injury FAQs

Your Chiropractor in Newark DE Answers Auto Accident FAQs


We are happy to have you visiting our website, and hope to get the chance to meet you in person soon. At Diamond State Chiropractic, we are your preferred chiropractor in Newark DE. When you choose us as your chiropractor, you will get access to some of the most technologically advanced auto accident injury treatment in Newark DE. We can provide effective and successful treatment for all kinds of soft tissue injuries from car accidents and other things like sports, work, and exercise injuries. We encourage you to look over our list of FAQs for car crash injury treatment in Newark at our clinic, then give us a call to set up an appointment to start eliminating that pain and getting well.

Auto Accident Treatment FAQs

How Soon Should I See a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident?

As soon as possible. Even if you aren't feeling any pain or stiffness yet, it doesn't mean you won't. Some soft tissue injuries like whiplash can take a few days to begin presenting symptoms after an accident. It doesn't mean you aren't injured if you aren't feeling pain yet. The sooner you can get diagnosed and treated, the easier and more quickly we will be able to heal you.

Will You Help Me Negotiate My Auto Insurance Coverage?

Yes. Most auto insurance policies allow for chiropractic treatment, but we will check with yours just to be sure. We will also coordinate your benefits, and let you know of any out of pocket costs to you up front. It is important to call us as soon as possible after an auto accident because most insurances will only allow treatment if you start it within a certain time frame after the accident. Make sure you call us soon so you can be sure of getting your benefits.

What Types of Injuries Do You Treat?

We treat practically any soft tissue injury caused by a car accident. This includes whiplash, back pain, neck pain, dizziness, headaches, shoulder pain, leg pain, pinched nerves, bulging disks, herniated disks, muscle swelling and/or inflammation, sprains, stiffness in the muscles and/or joints, and more.

How Do You Treat These Injuries?

It depends on what type of injury you have sustained. Some people have more than one injury from a car accident, too, and need different types of treatment. Your car accident chiropractor in Newark uses a variety of traditional and newer, high technology methods for treating car accident injuries. Depending on your unique situation and what you need, we may use basic chiropractic spinal adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy, cryotherapy, laser therapy, interferential electro-therapy, intrasegmental therapy, spinal decompression treatment, diathermy, and more.

What to Do Next: Schedule Your Auto Accident Chiropractor in Newark, DE

Now that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your care after an auto accident, you should call us to set up an appointment. You will receive an initial exam, evaluation, consultation, and treatment, with a recommendation for any further treatment that may be necessary. Start your path to recovery and a pain-free life again right now by picking up the phone and calling us today. We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Diamond State Chiropractic family. Call 302-828-0051 today to speak with our auto accident chiropractor at Diamond State Chiropractic.

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