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Neck Pain Relief With Our Newark Chiropractors


When you really want to express annoyance with someone or something, you might use the descriptive phrase "pain in the neck" -- an indicator of just how common, and unwelcome, this musculoskeletal symptom is among the general population. Neck pain not only distracts you from your work and makes sleep impossible, but it can also affect your physical function and render you unable to perform essential daily tasks. If you're looking for neck pain treatments in Newark that don't involve drugs or surgery, look no further than your trusted Newark chiropractor at Diamond State Chiropractic.

Understanding That Pain in Your Neck

When people think of neck pain, they usually associate it with a traumatic accident -- and not without reason. A workplace, sports or auto accident can certainly cause neck pain by throwing the delicate arrangement of cervical vertebrae and vertebral discs out of alignment. A subluxation in the facet joints that articulate the cervical vertebrae can cause severe pain and stiffness, while a dislocated disc can herniate and/or pinch surrounding nerve tissue. In addition to these painful issues, a sharp jolt or impact may cause hyperextension and hyper flexion that also strains muscles and stretches ligaments in the neck. Whiplash is a prime example of this kind of injury.

The symptoms currently causing you to seek Newark neck pain relief may actually have been months or even years in the making. Incorrect posture is one possible cause, especially in people who droop their heads constantly to use their mobile devices, which creates the chronic strain known as "text neck." Degenerative conditions can also appear due to age or recurring injuries. For instance, as aging discs in the cervical spine dry out and become flatter, the loss of disc height can cause chronic inflammation (and even eventual osteoarthritis) in the facet joints. Spinal stenosis may reduce the amount of room for spinal nerve tissue within the spinal canal, while a vertebral slippage called spondylolisthesis can also pinch nerve tissue in the neck.

How Your Chiropractor in Newark Can Help

Choosing conservative care for your Newark neck pain treatments can help you avoid the potential complications and side effects of heavy painkillers or invasive neck surgery. Whichever chiropractor in Newark you're seeing, Dr. Kristine Hollstein or Dr. Shavneet Kler, you'll find that we really know our necks here at Diamond State Chiropractic. Your Newark chiropractor will administer a detailed spinal evaluation so we can employ the right combination of safe, effective Newark neck pain treatments, including:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to restore cervical joint motion
  • Spinal decompression to treat bulging or herniated cervical discs
  • Stretches/exercises to give you a stronger, more flexible neck
  • Lifestyle/ergonomic recommendations to avoid "text neck" and similar conditions

Schedule Neck Pain Relief in Newark Today

Natural neck pain relief in Newark is waiting for you at Diamond State Chiropractic. Call 302-828-0051 for an appointment so we can determine which neck pain treatments in Newark can do you the most good!

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